Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Harvest moon

Who does not know the Harvest Moon? This is a game about the life of gardening and socializing in the community who were nicely boxed. This game was popular around 2000 with the release of the "harvest moon back to nature" on the Playstation. and until now continues to grow with many kinds and the end of the manifold. now many kinds of games harverst moon is lifted from the original version like "rune factory" for NDS or "wonderful life" for the PS2.
slightly different from the "Harvest Moon Innocent Life" which raised the original version but with little change concept, which is the original version of the original form of rural life was changed to more modern with the robots.

but nevertheless the game Harvest Moon is the best game for me in particular: p

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YAWN =A= ( don't be bored to see my blog :D )

YAWN  =A= ( don't be bored to see my blog :D )