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I have a recommended program for you who like Miku Hatsune or other anime. this program look like Flash (I think) that we can make animation. That program is......... MMD or MikuMiku Dance.

Q: What's MMD or MikuMiku Dance ?

A: MikuMiku Dance was initially developed in Japan by Yu Higuchi (Higuchi M), and distributed for free. Unlike traditional 3D animation programs, MMD is notorious for it's ease of use. The program ships with a set of default models as of Version 3.0 (prior versions only allowed the use of Miku). Users of MMD can then load a model of their choice, and produce a full animation. There are currently 2 versions of the software being developed. The original, and the pilot.

 Q: What features are there in MMD ?

A: Load Multiple Models (Version 3+) 
Load accessories in DirextX (.X) format 
Animation using keyframes 
Interpolation curves 
4 sliders for using Morphs (mostly facial expressions) 
IK Bones 
Import a static background image 
Import a background AVI video 
Create, Edit and Save Motion Data 
Create, Edit and Save Pose Data 
Load WAV files to sync with animation 
Save Screenshots in BMP, JPG or PNG format (the list is longer in Version 6-7+) 
Adjustable light source 
Adjust light color/brightness using RGB sliders 
Camera is also cued with keyframes 
Change Size of Video Screen 
Bullet Physical Engine 
Render animation using AVI format (large file size but best quality) 
Render using the frame rate of your choice (24/36fps are the standard in traditional animation) 
Sphere Mapping 
Shadow Mapping 
Compatible with BMP, TGA (and in some case PNG) image formats as textures on models 
Q: where can I download it ?

A: hold on MMD has 2 version. An English version and Japanese Version. As well, there's a link on the English language page directing you to the Japanese page. They both offer the same programs now, though I'd check both for specific tools.
you can download at link here.
for the English Version and see the tutorial.

or you can download at link here
for the Japanese Version and see the tutorial. 

That's about MMD and actually I made a Miku dance at MMD need more patient and extra energy. Animation Miku in MMD that I made. 3 minutes Miku dance, you will be worked for a month.

PMD Models

now, I will explain about PMD. The PMD file format is a container. You can import DirectX (.x) or Metasequoia (.mqo) files.
so, PMD is a file format in the MMD software.
As the DirectX file format only supports one texture (ie: no bump or transparency maps), you're limited to using only one texture image for a material.

 Q: So, what is the PMD Models ?

A: PMD Models is the model animation or a character basic in MMD that you can modified frame by frame.

Q: What kind PMD models ? 

A: There are many kinds PMD models like Anime Series, Game series, Movie Series or else. You can crate your own PMD models by using another software. I will share here the another software that can create PMD models :

 > Hexagreat 3D

This is one of the simpler pieces of software in your 3D arsenal compared to blender and others, but it's modeling system is still very clever. If you have knowledge of perspective, it can prove to be an invaluable tool. Generally it's used to make 3D models from 2D images by tracing the outline and creating contours.

Hexagreat is fine tuned for using the perspective seen in drawings. It can only model symmetrical models, so it's great if you want to make a head or human in a standard 'T' pose or some other item that's symmetrical such as a vehicle or robot.

Generally, you'll be creating very low poly models with this software (it's difficult to work with too many points at once). Or just export the outlines to Metasequoia, if you choose to do so... You may need an older version if you've got the one that exports to .x. Then if you want to convert to .x after you've saved the file as a .mqo you should be able to pen it in the other. version

> Blender

 Blender is a powerful 3D program that aims to match professional software such as Maya, Lightwave, or 3DS Max. In the world of free software alternatives, it's quite possibly the closest you'll get to the real deal without spending a dime. It's also open-source, meaning anybody can work on it. An example of this would be the special version developed by the makers of Kerkythea. Because of this, the Kerkythea rendered can be fully integrated with Blender itself.

> Google Sketchup
Sketchup is marketed as a design solution for architects and product designers, but it can be used for many purposes. For example, if your scene calls for a room interior, look no further. Sketchup is equipped with the tools to help you create a simple room in minutes.
> Generic 3D Modelling

There really isn't any right or wrong way to model, because every 3D software program is different. It's like drawing. You can follow an artist and sort of 'draw along', but you need to experiment with your own style. Depending on the software you're using, your set of tools may change, some things may have different names from program to program, etc.
The only thing you need to keep in mind when modeling for MMD is how and where things will bend, and basic proportions.
There are so few tutorials online that show you how to model a human being for instance. You may see some demos or time lapses, which by all means are excellent to watch if you've got the time. I'd also advise you to watch modeling demos and time lapses made in programs other than the ones you use, as this can be a source of inspiration. You may also be introduced to tools in your own software that you'd never thought to use.

Q: Where can I download it ?
A:  you can download PMD Models  here.

good luck

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