Okay here we go. I'll like to share about drawing your real anime at PAINT.
okay, P-A-I-N-T.
whatever paint that you have, it's mean at Windows 7 or Windows XP are same.
anyway, who knows this program can help you too drew anime.
let's draw everyone..

Let see that picture, that's a simple example picture that I created at paint.
okay, first thing I would like to introduce to all of you some eyes picture.
check this out.

that's some example for eyes, and all of them created at Paint.
you can download that image for your references but don't forget to credit me.

Now, I'll tell you about the structure.

at the image, you can see where you must draw an eyes or else. the way is to easier for you all to draw.

" Draw an Eyes "

Now, I'll teach you how to draw an eyes. This is the basic tutorial.
actually I made this tutorial because I want make a website with Notepad and Dream Weaver. however it still manage. 
okay, prepare yourself. we will fight together with PAINT. 
umh.. okay, just continue the tutorial.

Right. First step, open the program. sorry I made this tutorial at windows XP. I know you don't care. nobody cares.
alright, click curve icon, you can see it at tool box, and draw some curve like this.

then, make some curve again, look at the picture.
now, click oval tool and make an oval in the middle of eye.

Now we'll create another eye, so we will duplicate this one.
click selection tool and choose the transparent background.
then block the eye.

click the eye selection, then copy it. you can press CTRL + C or click edit and click copy.

now the other eye pop up in the screen. so you just adjust the direction. right click at the other eye then click flip and rotate. choose flip horizontal and click OK.

at last, click erase tool and erase the line that you don't need it.
AAANNNNDDD... It's done.

If you have opinion or problem just ask okay :)
I would like to read your comment guys.


Okay guys, Now you can watch the tutorial in this site. I hope it will help you out there.


1. Drawing Eyes.

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YAWN  =A= ( don't be bored to see my blog :D )