Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

I have A good news, soon...

Okay, for a longtime I didn't post anything, but well, I ahve a good news.
for you that interested with drawing anime I will share some tutorial.
However, I'm not using corel, photoshop.. wait, photoshop we'll be need it.
okay we will paint aaaaaaaaatttttttttttt................. old program, it's called PAINT. okay, P-A-I-N-T. you got it.
Then I will share about the tutorial and some tips and some stuff and... and.. whatever.
allright... as soon as possible, I will update this blog and i will share that thing.
okay guys :D see ya.

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YAWN =A= ( don't be bored to see my blog :D )

YAWN  =A= ( don't be bored to see my blog :D )